Tanker truck explodes, sets off fire at Brazilian refinery

Dec 17, 2018

Firefighters in Brazil say a tanker truck exploded at a big oil refinery near Rio de Janeiro, setting off a fire that raged for several hours before being brought under control

Suspected gas explosion destroys eatery in Japan, hurts 42

Dec 17, 2018

A suspected gas explosion has destroyed wooden buildings housing a restaurant and a real estate office in northern Japan, injuring 42 people

Japanese police say more than 40 people injured in an explosion at a restaurant in northern Japan

Dec 16, 2018

Japanese police say more than 40 people injured in an explosion at a restaurant in northern Japan

Russian policeman injured after discovering WWII land mine

Dec 15, 2018

Moscow police say an off-duty Russian police lieutenant has been hospitalized after a World War II-era land mine exploded on the side of a highway

Study: Valve hole set off refinery blast, fire in Wisconsin

Dec 12, 2018

A hole in a valve was cited as the source of an explosion at a refinery in northwestern Wisconsin last spring that injured 36 people and required the evacuation of a large part of the city of Superior

Fireworks accident kills 5, wounds 9 in Mexico

Dec 11, 2018

Officials in the central Mexican state of Queretaro say that five people have been killed in an explosion of fireworks that were being stockpiled for a local celebration

22 dead in blast next to chemical plant in northern China

Nov 28, 2018

An explosion near a chemical plant in northeastern China has left 22 people dead and destroyed scores of vehicles

'Nothing here': Returning to rubble in Northern California

Nov 10, 2018

Northern California residents have found homes reduced to rubble by a ferocious wildfire that threatened to explode again with the same fury that largely incinerated the town of Paradise

Warrant: Contractor mismarked gas line before deadly blast

Nov 1, 2018

Court documents say a contractor failed to properly mark a natural gas line that was struck and caused a deadly explosion in downtown Sun Prairie last summer

Feds open criminal probe into natural gas explosions

Nov 1, 2018

Federal prosecutors have been conducting a criminal investigation into the natural gas explosions and fires that rocked three communities north of Boston in September


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