Gas leak reported in city affected by explosions last year

Sep 27, 2019

About 100 people have vacated their homes and two schools have been closed in response to a natural gas leak in a Massachusetts city affected a year ago by gas explosions and fires

Iraq: Minibus explosion outside Karbala kills 8, injures 6

Sep 20, 2019

Iraqi security officials say an explosion in a minibus outside the Shiite holy city of Karbala has killed 8 people

Propane explosion kills firefighter, injures 6 other people

Sep 16, 2019

An official says a propane gas explosion in Farmington, Maine, killed a firefighter and injured six other people

Nuclear watchdog: Russia has resumed sharing radiation data

Aug 20, 2019

A nuclear weapons watchdog says Russia has resumed sharing data from its radiation monitoring stations after they were taken offline following a deadly explosion at a missile range

1 dead, 5 injured, 7 missing in Kentucky pipeline explosion

Aug 1, 2019

Kentucky authorities say a gas pipeline explosion killed one person, hospitalized five others, destroyed railroad tracks and forced the evacuation of a nearby mobile home park

Lawsuits stemming from gas explosions settled for $143M

Jul 29, 2019

The utility blamed for a series of gas explosions in Massachusetts last September has settled all class action lawsuits resulting from the disaster for $143 million

The Latest: Gas prices could increase on refinery closure

Jun 26, 2019

AAA says gasoline prices may increase after the announcement that a Philadelphia oil refinery will close after a devastating fire

Largest oil refinery on East Coast will close after fire

Jun 26, 2019

The owner of the largest oil refinery complex on the East Coast is telling officials that it will close the facility after a fire last week set off explosions and damaged the facility

8 killed, at least 16 wounded as explosions rock Somalia's capital

Jun 15, 2019

8 killed, at least 16 wounded as explosions rock Somalia's capital

Explosion at Russian TNT plant injures 79

Jun 1, 2019

Russia's health ministry says 79 people have been injured in an explosion in a plant manufacturing TNT

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