Fund backed by DiCaprio pledges $5M to Amazon amid fires

Aug 25, 2019

A new environmental foundation backed by Leonardo DiCaprio is pledging $5 million in aid to the Amazon, which has been swept by wildfires

Indonesian rescuers search for 34 missing after ferry fire

Aug 23, 2019

Rescuers are searching for 34 people reportedly missing after a ferry caught fire off Indonesia's main island of Java, killing three people

Jet catches fire in Northern California; 10 aboard unhurt

Aug 22, 2019

Small jet bursts into flames while taking off from small Northern California airport; all 10 on board escape injury

Spain: Winds drop, slowing Canary Island wildfire

Aug 20, 2019

The wind dropped overnight in the Canary Islands, allowing firefighters to make progress against Spain's biggest wildfire so far this year

The Latest: Police fatally shoot Rio bus hostage-taker

Aug 20, 2019

Rio de Janeiro's state governor says an armed man who took dozens of hostages on a bus has died after being shot by police following a four-hour long standoff

Police: California suspect lights mom on fire, surrenders

Aug 19, 2019

Authorities say a 54-year-old man lit his mother on fire and then locked himself inside a home for five hours before surrendering to authorities

Thousands flee from 'monster' wildfire on Canary Islands

Aug 19, 2019

A major, out-of-control wildfire in Spain's Canary Islands is throwing flames 50 meters (160 feet) into the air, forcing emergency workers to evacuate more than 9,000 people

Notre Dame cleanup resumes with anti-contamination measures

Aug 19, 2019

Workers are gradually returning to Notre Dame Cathedral to clear out hazardous debris and consolidate the fire-damaged medieval monument, after a month-long delay prompted by fears of lead contamination

Small plane crashes into house near Poughkeepsie, killing 2

Aug 18, 2019

New York state police say a plane crashed into a home near Poughkeepsie on Sunday, killing one resident and one person on the aircraft and causing a massive fire

Blooms, beasts affected as Alaska records hottest month

Aug 18, 2019

Alaska's warmest month ever was good for gardens but hard on life elsewhere in the state

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