Firefighter was dad to 3 of 5 kids killed in day care blaze

Aug 12, 2019

An official says three of five kids killed in a fire at a home child care center in Pennsylvania were the children of a volunteer firefighter who was out another call

Fighting fire with fire underused in US West despite goals

Aug 12, 2019

The practice of setting controlled blazes to lessen the impact of wildfires is not used in the West as frequently as officials would like

Police: Pennsylvania day care center fire kills 5 children

Aug 11, 2019

Authorities say an early morning fire in northwestern Pennsylvania claimed the lives of five children and sent another person to the hospital

Toxic lead removed from Paris schools after Notre Dame fire

Aug 8, 2019

Workers have started decontaminating some Paris schools tested with unsafe levels of lead following Notre Dame fire in order to protect children from risks of lead poisoning

4 people found dead in apparent San Antonio murder-suicide

Aug 6, 2019

Emergency personnel responding to a San Antonio house fire have found four people dead in what authorities are describing as a murder-suicide

Fire in residential building kills 6 in Indian capital

Aug 6, 2019

Fire in residential building kills 6, injures 10 in Indian capital

Fire risks rise in previously too-wet-to-burn US Northwest

Aug 5, 2019

Experts say global warming is changing the Pacific Northwest's climate in ways that will make even its historically wet forests more likely to burn.

Meteorologist: Russia wildfires linked to climate change

Aug 2, 2019

The head of Russia's meteorological service says he sees global climate change as a factor behind the wildfires blazing throughout Siberia and the country's Far East

APNewsBreak: Senators to introduce bipartisan wildfire bill

Aug 1, 2019

Senators from California and Montana say they are working on a bipartisan bill aimed at protecting communities from devastating wildfires like the one that killed 85 people and destroyed much of the Northern California town of Paradise last year

German police probe fire at far-right politician's cottage

Jul 28, 2019

Police in eastern Germany say they're investigating if someone tried to kill a far-right politician by setting fire to a cottage in Saxony-Anhalt state where the man was sleeping

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