El Paso suspect appears to have posted anti-immigrant screed

Aug 4, 2019

A four-page screed posted just before the El Paso shooting said the massacre was in response to the "invasion" of Hispanics coming across the southern border

The Latest: Activist: Trump must end anti-immigrant rhetoric

Aug 4, 2019

The president of a leading Hispanic group says politicians such as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and President Donald Trump must stop making anti-immigrant statements

The Latest: Sanders pitches Medicare for All for unions

Aug 3, 2019

Bernie Sanders says union workers will be better off under his switch to his government-run "Medicare for All" health insurance, because they'll get better coverage and it will give them more clout at the bargaining table

AP FACT CHECK: The Democratic debates and Trump counterpunch

Aug 3, 2019

AP FACT CHECK: The Democratic debates and Trump's counterpunches under scrutiny

Man sentenced for writing false school shooting letter

Aug 2, 2019

A Brazilian man who sent a letter to immigration authorities warning of an attack on a Massachusetts school in an attempt to frame is ex-wife's boyfriend has been sentencedpot

Prosecutors challenge Barr's bid to change immigration rules

Aug 2, 2019

The Brooklyn District Attorney and more than 40 other state and local prosecutors are challenging Attorney General William Barr's bid to give himself more authority in deciding whether to deport immigrants with criminal convictions

Mexico opens first government shelter for asylum seekers

Aug 2, 2019

The Mexican government has opened its first shelter in the border city of Juarez to house Central Americans and other migrants seeking asylum in the United States who have been sent back to Mexico to await the process

Mexico police kill migrant accused of shooting at them

Aug 1, 2019

Mexican authorities say police in the northern Mexico border state of Coahuila shot a Salvadoran migrant accused of drawing a pistol and opening fire on officers

US DHS chief, Guatemala president meet on asylum agreement

Aug 1, 2019

Acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan has met with Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales to discuss an agreement under which many asylum seekers would have to file claims in the Central American nation rather than in the United States

AP FACT CHECK: Persistent distortions on migrants, economy

Aug 1, 2019

AP FACT CHECK: Some debating Dems cling to unsupported rhetoric on economy, immigration, more


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