Citizenship list in Indian state leaves out almost 2 million

Aug 31, 2019

India has published the final citizenship list in the Indian state of Assam, excluding nearly 2 million people amid fears they could be rendered stateless.

The Latest: Government takes step to dismantle agreement

Aug 31, 2019

The U.S. government has taken a major step to end a decades-old agreement governing the conditions and length of time in which immigrant children can be held

Attorneys file to plans to detain migrant families longer

Aug 31, 2019

Attorneys have asked a judge to reject Trump administration plans to detain migrant families longer than they're allowed now and to remove court oversight of how children are treated in government custody

Feds: Man plotted NYC knife attack in name of Islamic State

Aug 30, 2019

A 19-year-old New York City man has been arrested on allegations he told an undercover agent he wanted to commit a knife or bomb attack on behalf of the Islamic State group

Citizenship list in Indian state sparks fears for millions

Aug 30, 2019

India on Saturday plans to publish a controversial citizenship list that advocates say will help rectify decades of unchecked illegal immigration into the northeastern state of Assam from Bangladesh

Texas governor says 'mistakes' made in immigrant rhetoric

Aug 29, 2019

Republican Gov. Greg Abbott says "mistakes were made" in response to anger over him sending a fundraising letter that called on supporters to "defend Texas" from illegal immigration

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials

Aug 28, 2019

Editorial Roundup: Excerpts from recent editorials in newspapers in the U.S. and abroad

US, Mexico widen asylum crackdown to push back all migrants

Aug 28, 2019

Trump administration program forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico evolves into sweeping rejection of all migrants

Officer involved in veteran arrest serves short suspension

Aug 28, 2019

A Michigan police officer accused by activists of racial profiling by notifying immigration officials about the arrest of a mentally ill Latino war veteran has served a two-day suspension

US moves FEMA, Coast Guard money to fund border programs

Aug 28, 2019

DHS is moving $271 million from other agencies such as FEMA and the U.S. Coast Guard to increase the number of beds for detained immigrants and support its policy forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases play out

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