Nuclear Power

Three Mile Island plant, site of nuclear accident, to close

May 8, 2019

The owner of the site of the United States' worst nuclear power accident says it will proceed with a shutdown of Three Mile Island

Taiwan's president reaffirms anti-nuclear stance at march

Apr 27, 2019

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen has reaffirmed her opposition to nuclear power before marching with anti-nuclear protesters

Social Democrats, populists top Finland vote ahead of EU's

Apr 14, 2019

Results from Finland's parliamentary election have displayed the struggle by Europe's traditional political parties to retain supporters

Trump adds $3.7B in support to finish 2 new nuclear reactors

Mar 22, 2019

The Trump administration has approved $3.7 billion in new loan guarantees to support completion of the first new U.S. nuclear reactors in a generation

Nuclear industry pushing for fewer inspections at plants

Mar 14, 2019

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering requests from the nuclear power industry for fewer inspections at its plants

Democrats seek Green New Deal to address climate change

Feb 7, 2019

Democrats call for Green New Deal to address climate change and transform economy

The Latest: France wants new Renault chief to lock in Nissan

Jan 23, 2019

France's economy minister says he expects the future chief of Renault to consolidate the French automaker's alliance with Japanese partner Nissan.

Connecticut taps nuclear plants to generate clean energy

Dec 28, 2018

Connecticut selects nuclear power plants, wind and solar projects to help generate more clean energy

US fossil fuel exports spur growth, climate worries

Dec 27, 2018

The boom in U.S. fossil-fuel production has been matched by a rush on the other side of the Pacific to build the tankers needed to help supply the seemingly unquenchable thirst for energy among Asia's top economies

Idaho test reactor is pivotal in US nuclear power strategy

Dec 15, 2018

A nuclear test reactor that can melt uranium fuel rods in seconds is running again after a near quarter-century shutdown as U.S. officials try to revamp a fading nuclear power industry with safer fuel designs and a new generation of power plants

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