Nuclear Power

Greenpeace activists light fireworks at French nuclear plant

Oct 12, 2017

Eight environmental have broken into a French nuclear power station and set off fireworks to urge better protection for nuclear waste and protest France's dependence on atomic energy

Odd bedfellows fight Trump bid to boost coal, nuclear energy

Oct 11, 2017

An unusual coalition of business and environmental groups is fighting an Energy Department plan to bolster coal and nuclear at the expense of natural gas, wind and solar

Administration favors change in electricity pricing

Sep 29, 2017

Trump administration favors changing electricity pricing in a way that could help coal and nuclear power

Syria looks to peace, North Korea to attack on US mainland

Sep 24, 2017

Syria's foreign minister said victory against terrorists in his war-ravaged country "is now within reach" while North Korea's foreign minister said President Donald Trump's insult to his country makes an attack against the US mainland inevitable

Billions lost in nuclear power projects, with more bills due

Aug 5, 2017

South Carolina utilities' decision to build two nuclear reactors was fueled by high gas prices, an expected spike in energy needs and fears about federal action on carbon-emitting plants

Spain will shut down country's oldest nuclear plant

Aug 1, 2017

The Spanish government says it is closing the country's oldest nuclear power station because of lack of support among political parties and the companies involved to keep it open

US energy secretary challenges China to be leader on climate

Jun 5, 2017

U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry says he hopes China will step forward to be a "real leader" on climate issues, while refuting criticism that the United States is backing down

Nuclear plant owners expand search for rescue to more states

Apr 9, 2017

Nuclear power plant owners are pressing policymakers in Connecticut, New Jersey, Ohio and Pennsylvania for a financial rescue

The Latest: Perry sworn in as energy secretary

Mar 2, 2017

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been sworn in as President Donald Trump's energy secretary

NY bets big on aging nuke plants, balancing jobs, safety

Jan 29, 2017

New York state's big bet on aging upstate nuclear plants balances safety, jobs and the need for a reliable source of power


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