Political And Civil Unrest

Arrests made after violent soccer riot in South Africa

Apr 22, 2018

Police: 2 people arrested, more arrests imminent after violent riot at a South African soccer game

The Latest: Pope calls for peace amid Nicaragua protests

Apr 22, 2018

Pope Francis has expressed deep worry over deadly violence in Nicaragua fueled by protests and he's pressing for a peaceful solution

Iran detains ex-prosecutor convicted in 2009 torture case

Apr 22, 2018

Report: Iran detains former prosecutor who faces 2-year prison sentence over the death of prisoners in 2009

Journalist among over 2 dozen killed in Nicaragua unrest

Apr 22, 2018

Journalist Angel Gahona is among more than people killed in unrest in Nicaragua over social security reforms planned by President Daniel Ortega's government

Nicaragua's Ortega agrees to talk as deadly protests rage on

Apr 22, 2018

Nicaragua's president has agreed to talks with business leaders over controversial social security reforms that sparked four days of protests and clashes

Hungary: Anti-government rally focuses on media freedom

Apr 21, 2018

Tens of thousands of protesters in Hungary are taking part in a rally focusing on the media policies of Prime Minister Viktor Orban's government

Holocaust survivor warns Polish leaders over Nazi groups

Apr 21, 2018

Holocaust survivor says Poland's leaders tolerate far-right groups with Nazi-inspired ideologies

Spain: March demands closer prisons for Basque militants

Apr 21, 2018

Several thousand protesters have marched in northern Spain to demand that imprisoned members of the militant Basque group ETA be moved to prisons closer to their homes

Hamas vows revenge for key member killed in Malaysia

Apr 21, 2018

Hamas militant group says a man gunned down in Malaysia was one of its members and accuses Israel of killing him

Armenia protests: 70 arrested, including 2 suspected bombers

Apr 21, 2018

Armenian authorities say more than 70 people have been arrested, including two people suspected of building bombs, as large protests against the new government enter their second week in the capital Yerevan


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