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Putin visits Crimea to mark 5th anniversary of annexation

Mar 18, 2019

President Vladimir Putin is marking the fifth anniversary of Russia's annexation of Crimea from Ukraine by visiting the Black Sea peninsula

Poll: Losing Amazon second HQ deal was bad for New York

Mar 18, 2019

A new poll finds that most voters in the state say it was bad for New York when Amazon's dropped plans to put one of its second headquarters in Queens

Paris cleans up riot debris as support fades for protesters

Mar 17, 2019

Business owners, city employees and construction workers are cleaning up one of the world's most glamorous avenues, after riots by ultraviolent yellow vest protesters trashed the Champs-Elysees in Paris

Admissions scandal unfolds amid cynicism about moral values

Mar 15, 2019

The college-admissions bribery scheme revealed this week by federal prosecutors coincides with increasing cynicism about U.S. moral values

AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America, Caribbean

Mar 15, 2019

AP PHOTOS: Blackouts roil Venezuela amid its political confrontations, Mexican president celebrates high approval rating, Brazilians mourn after deadly school shooting

China: Taiwan's moves like 'stretching arm to block a car'

Mar 13, 2019

China says attempts by Taiwan's government to block its goal of bringing the self-governing island under Beijing's control are like "stretching out an arm to block a car"

Finland's outgoing premier may bow out as party chair

Mar 9, 2019

Finland's outgoing prime minister, who abruptly tendered the resignation of his center-right government just weeks before the general election, says he won't seek to remain as chairman of his party next year if support continues to decline

First lady: Growing ease in official role, but not politics

Mar 9, 2019

As President Donald Trump shows his eagerness for the coming 2020 re-election battle, less clear is the first lady's fervor for participating in the effort

iPhone sales are falling, and Apple's app fees might be next

Mar 6, 2019

Apple's iPhone headaches may be aggravated by a brewing backlash against the fees gushing from its app store

Americans, Germans hold opposite views of nations' relations

Mar 4, 2019

Surveys show Americans and Germans differ widely in their assessments of relations between their countries, but hold very similar views on international issues


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