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AP-NORC Poll: Many caregivers neglecting their own health

Oct 15, 2018

AP-NORC Poll: Many caregivers skip their own checkups in health care balancing act

Cuban constitutional reform spawns unusual public debate

Oct 11, 2018

In a country with no opinion polls, campaigns or independent mass media, a series of meetings on reforming Cuba's constitution has spawned a highly unusual debate on the island's political system and values

Poll finds partisan divide in concerns for election security

Oct 10, 2018

UChicago Harris/AP-NORC poll finds that a large majority of Americans have concerns that the nation's voting systems might be vulnerable to hackers, with Democrats more concerned than Republicans

Initiative seeks to repeal California's gasoline tax hike

Oct 8, 2018

California voters will soon decide whether to drive out a gasoline tax increase passed to fund transportation projects across the state

The Latest: Ex-Sao Paulo governor accepts defeat

Oct 8, 2018

Gerald Alckmin, the former governor of the state of Sao Paulo who came in fourth, told a small crowd of well-wishers that he respected the outcome of Sunday's presidential election

Tricky time for GOP female senators facing Kavanaugh vote

Oct 4, 2018

Kavanaugh debate a particular pressure on female Republican senators, candidates as polls suggest "Brett bounce"

Poll: Young Americans say online bullying a serious problem

Oct 4, 2018

Teens and young adults say cyberbullying is a serious problem for people their age, but most don't think they'll be the ones targeted for digital abuse

Brazil leftist candidate accuses Bolsonaro of smear campaign

Oct 4, 2018

The top leftist candidate for Brazil's presidency is turning his fire toward the rightist front-runner with the election just a week away after avoiding direct attacks for most of the campaign

GOP women in hot seat over Trump mocking Ford, vote looming

Oct 4, 2018

Republican women in spotlight over Kavanaugh as FBI investigates and vote looms

'A scary time': Trump taps fears of #Metoo run amok

Oct 3, 2018

'A very scary time': Trump, GOP use the swirl of sexual misconduct allegations around Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to try to stoke support among men


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