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Correction: Western Balkans-Roma story

May 11, 2018

Correction: Western Balkans-Roma story

Sapporo seems to have second thoughts about 2026 Olympic bid

May 11, 2018

The Japanese city of Sapporo seems to be having second thoughts about bidding for the 2026 Winter Olympics and could focus instead on the 2030 Games

Facing anti-Washington winds, Senate Democrats point to home

May 11, 2018

As the GOP seeks Washington outsiders, Democratic senators work to convince voters they're free of Washington's stigma

Analysis: Crumbling of nuclear deal boosts Iran hard-liners

May 9, 2018

Analysis: Iran's hard-liners boosted as nuclear deal wavers following Trump's decision to pull America out

As he begins a new term, Putin pushes lofty goals for Russia

May 4, 2018

President Vladimir Putin has set lofty goals for his new six-year term in office that begins Monday, but there is widespread doubt about how much he can achieve

More businesses are mellowing out over hiring pot smokers

May 2, 2018

With more businesses desperate to hire, pot smoking is no longer a deal breaker for many

Japan's Abe seeks support for constitutional revision

May 1, 2018

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is seeking public support for his long-cherished goal of revising the country's war-renouncing constitution amid widening scandals that have hurt his government's popularity

Sen. Rubio: Corporations aren't investing tax cuts in jobs

Apr 30, 2018

Sen. Marco Rubio says big businesses aren't investing much of their windfall from President Donald Trump's tax cuts into their workers

US mainland politicians wooing Puerto Ricans who fled storm

Apr 30, 2018

Political operatives, pollsters and politicians in at least four states are working hard to find Puerto Ricans who are eligible to vote and whose loyalty may be up for grabs in this year's elections

Menendez seems in good shape to win a third term

Apr 30, 2018

New Jersey Democrat Bob Menendez seems in good shape to win a third term despite a harsh rebuke from fellow senators.


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