Religious Education

Church accused of covering up priest's abuse, and paternity

Oct 9, 2019

In 1989, a 16-year-old Kenyan girl gave birth to a white boy -- the child, his family says, of a priest

Yeshiva University hit with sexual abuse lawsuit

Aug 22, 2019

Thirty-eight former students of a Manhattan high school operated by Yeshiva University are suing the university over their claims they were sexually abused

China deploys Confucius in bid to boost religion controls

May 28, 2019

China has begin five-day Confucian culture immersion courses for religious leaders in the sage's hometown as part of a campaign to extend government control through a process of sinicization

Study: German churches to lose half their members by 2060

May 2, 2019

A study predicts that Germany's two main Christian churches will lose millions of members over the coming decades and have to tighten their financial belts as a result

Pakistan to bring religious schools under government control

Apr 29, 2019

Pakistan's military spokesman announces plans to bring over 30,000 religious schools under government control

Yeshiva schools must exclude unvaccinated amid measles surge

Apr 8, 2019

The New York City Health Department has ordered all Orthodox Jewish schools in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn to exclude non-vaccinated students from classes during the current measles outbreak

Pope requires sex abuse claims be reported in Vatican City

Mar 29, 2019

Pope Francis has issued sweeping new sex abuse legislation for Vatican personnel and Holy See diplomats, requiring the immediate reporting of abuse allegations to Vatican prosecutors

McCarrick's rise through church hierarchy began as altar boy

Feb 16, 2019

Former cardinal Theodore McCarrick established a reputation as a globe-trotting human rights advocate before being brought down by sex abuse scandals

Report: Hundreds abused by Southern Baptist leaders, workers

Feb 10, 2019

Two newspapers are reporting that about 380 Southern Baptist church leaders and workers have been accused of sexual misconduct since 1998, leaving more than 700 victims

Greece calls for reopening of Istanbul's Orthodox seminary

Feb 6, 2019

Greece's prime minister says a potential move by Turkey to allow the reopening of an Orthodox seminary on an island off Istanbul would help bring ordinary Greeks and Turks closer

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