Sex In Society

PBS says new witnesses attest Tavis Smiley sex misconduct

Mar 23, 2018

PBS says it has found many new witnesses to the sexual misconduct of talk-show host Tavis Smiley, who was suspended in December and later fired

Jann Wenner says MeToo suffers from absence of due process

Mar 23, 2018

Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner feels that mere accusations of sexual impropriety are threatening careers, many times without corroboration with people losing their jobs over "some of the most harmless things"

Reporter accuses Russian presidential candidate of groping

Mar 23, 2018

A Russian television news reporter has accused a six-time Russian presidential candidate of groping him years ago

Craigslist closes personals sections in US, cites measure

Mar 23, 2018

Craigslist has taken its personals section offline in the United States

Cosby wants judge ousted over wife's sex-assault advocacy

Mar 22, 2018

Bill Cosby's lawyers are asking the judge in his upcoming sexual assault retrial to step aside, arguing he could be seen as biased because his wife is a social worker who's described herself as an "advocate for assault victims."

Former Fox News anchor sues O'Reilly for defamation

Mar 22, 2018

A former Fox News anchor has sued Bill O'Reilly for defamation over what she contends was his "smear campaign" against her and other women who have accused him of sexual misconduct

Porn actress' lawyer demands Trump business retain documents

Mar 22, 2018

A lawyer for a porn actress who said she had sex with President Donald Trump is asking the Trump Organization to preserve records relating to the $130,000 she was paid as part of a nondisclosure agreement

Russian media mount boycott of parliament amid sex scandal

Mar 22, 2018

Russian media outlets say they will stop sending reporters to cover the lower chamber of the Russian parliament after it exonerated an influential lawmaker who has faced multiple allegations of sexual harassment

MeToo takes off in South Korea, but justice harder to attain

Mar 22, 2018

The MeToo movement took off fast in South Korea, toppling famous men including a prominent politician, but justice for victims and change in a patriarchal society appears harder to attain

Hawaii lawmaker is latest to resign after misconduct probe

Mar 22, 2018

A former speaker of the Hawaii House of Representatives will resign by next week to resolve sexual harassment allegations brought by several women, the latest case of an elected official being forced from office over misconduct


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