Sex In Society

News groups fight to keep Harvey Weinstein's hearing open

Apr 22, 2019

News organizations are going to court in hopes of pulling back the curtain on Harvey Weinstein's next court appearance in his sexual assault case

India's chief justice accused of sexual harassment

Apr 20, 2019

A former employee of India's Supreme Court has accused the country's chief justice of sexual harassment, an accusation that was vehemently denied by the judge

Biden expected to launch presidential campaign next week

Apr 19, 2019

Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce he's running for president next week

Women cleared of defamation in French sexual misconduct case

Apr 19, 2019

A French court ruled Friday that six women who accused a former French lawmaker of sexual misconduct and two journalists who reported the allegations were not guilty of defamation

Judge scales back Weinstein suit, allows sex-traffic claim

Apr 18, 2019

A judge has ruled that a lawsuit seeking to represent any woman with a claim against Harvey Weinstein can proceed on sex-trafficking grounds

Both sides want Weinstein hearing closed to media, public

Apr 17, 2019

Both sides in Harvey Weinstein's sexual assault case want the media and the public barred from the disgraced movie mogul's next court appearance

Cosby's insurer settles LA accuser's suit before deposition

Apr 16, 2019

Bill Cosby calls insurance company 'complicit' in scheme to destroy him as AIG settles another accuser's lawsuit without his approval

Microsoft overhauls how it investigates office misbehavior

Apr 15, 2019

Microsoft is revamping its practices for investigating workplace investigations after a group of women shared stories of discrimination and sexual harassment

AP Exclusive: UN whistleblower targeted in misconduct probe

Apr 15, 2019

AP Exclusive: The U.N. AIDS agency is grappling with previously undisclosed allegations of financial and sexual misconduct involving a whistleblower

Tiger's Journey: 11 years that felt like several lifetimes

Apr 14, 2019

Tiger Woods completes an amazing journey by winning the Masters, overcoming 11 years of personal foibles and professional pain that seemed likely to be his lasting legacy


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