War And Unrest

International court sentences Congo warlord to 30 years

Nov 7, 2019

The International Criminal Court has sentenced a Congolese warlord known as "The Terminator" to 30 years imprisonment after he was convicted of crimes including murder, rape and sexual slavery

Mexico farm town prepares funerals after 9 Americans slain

Nov 7, 2019

Under a strong security presence, a remote farming community in northern Mexico is preparing to hold the first funerals Thursday for some of the nine American women and children killed by drug cartel gunmen

Colombia defense minister quits amid firestorm over deaths

Nov 7, 2019

Colombia's defense minister has resigned after coming under fire for failing to disclose the deaths of several minors in a military operation

EU human rights official criticizes Serbia defense ministry

Nov 6, 2019

A top European human rights official has sharply criticized Serbia's defense ministry for promoting a book that attempts to deny that Bosnian Serb forces carried out an attack that killed 71 people in the Bosnian town of Tuzla in 1995

Pentagon releases new details on al-Baghdadi raid

Oct 31, 2019

The general who oversaw the U.S. raid on Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has provided the most detailed account yet of the operation

Pence tells troops in Texas that terrorism fight 'goes on'

Oct 29, 2019

Vice President Mike Pence used a stop at a Central Texas post to praise American military forces in Syria whose weekend pursuit of an Islamic leader led to death of the terrorist

Kentucky gov's race stirs clash over casino suicide claims

Oct 27, 2019

Entering the final days of Kentucky's bitter race for governor, Republican incumbent Matt Bevin has exposed himself to a new attack by denying his recorded claim that suicides happen nightly in casinos

AP FACT CHECK: Trump's exaggerations on predicting bin Laden

Oct 27, 2019

AP FACT CHECK: Trump falsely asserts that his 2000 book predicted Osama bin Laden's 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center and that the al-Qaida leader should have been killed

Turkish army says 1 killed in north Syria amid shaky truce

Oct 27, 2019

Turkey's army says an attack by Kurdish fighters in northeast Syria has killed one of its personnel and wounded five others, bringing Turkey's military death toll to 11 since the launch of its operation

Syria's Assad gets a prize with US withdrawal, Russia deal

Oct 23, 2019

Syrian President Bashar Assad once again snaps up a prize from world powers that have been maneuvering in his country's multi-front wars

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