War And Unrest

Syria says capital is free of militants after defeat of IS

May 21, 2018

Syria's military says it has retaken the last neighborhoods in southern Damascus held by the Islamic State group and declared the Syrian capital and its surroundings "completely safe" from militants for the first time in nearly seven years

The Latest: Syrian military declares victory in capital

May 21, 2018

Syria's military says it has retaken the last neighborhoods in southern Damascus held by the Islamic State group and is declaring the capital and its surroundings "completely safe" and free of any militant presence

Cop's son charged in terror case expected to plead guilty

May 21, 2018

A Boston police captain's son who is accused of plotting a terrorist attack on a college campus to support the Islamic State group is expected to plead guilty

Afghan official: Taliban kill 5 workers clearing land mines

May 21, 2018

Afghan official says Taliban insurgents ambushed, killed at least 5 members of a demining team in southern province

4 years after coup, Thailand wearies of junta rule

May 21, 2018

Four years after seizing power, Thailand's junta has a singular success it never hoped for: uniting a politically divided nation in growing dissatisfaction with the thin-skinned rule of the generals

Manila takes non-confrontational stand vs China in sea feud

May 21, 2018

The Philippine government is taking "appropriate diplomatic action" to protect its claims in the South China Sea but did not elaborate or name China in a non-confrontational policy "to avoid drawbacks"

2 injured in multiple bombings in Thailand's troubled south

May 21, 2018

Thai authorities say suspected Muslim insurgents set off small bombs at about two dozen location in the country's deep south, wounding two women

US office overseeing fight against IS gets reprieve

May 21, 2018

State Department office overseeing the fight against the Islamic State will stay in business at least until the end of the year

Cameroon holiday hit by violence in English-speaking areas

May 20, 2018

Cameroon's national day Sunday was marked by violence in its troubled English-speaking region, with two policemen killed, soldiers wounded and a mayor kidnapped by suspected armed separatists

Palestinian publicly sets himself on fire in Gaza

May 20, 2018

A 20-year-old Palestinian is in critical condition after publicly setting himself of fire in the Gaza Strip


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