War And Unrest

Trump warns of sanctions if Iraq tries to expel U.S. troops

Jan 6, 2020

President Donald Trump has warned that the U.S. would levy harsh sanctions if Iraq expels American troops in retaliation for a U.S. strike in Baghdad that killed a top Iranian official

Extremists attack Kenya military base, 3 Americans killed

Jan 5, 2020

The U.S. military says that Al-Shabab extremists overran a key military base used by U.S. counterterror forces in Kenya, killing three American Department of Defense personnel and destroying several U.S. aircraft and vehicles before they were repelled

Soleimani, a general who became Iran icon by targeting US

Jan 3, 2020

For Iranians, Qassem Soleimani widely represented the most prominent figure outside its Shiite theocracy of national resilience in the face of four decades of U.S. pressure

US strikes hit Iraq militia blamed in contractor's death

Dec 29, 2019

The U.S. says it has carried out military strikes in Iraq and Syria targeting a militia blamed for an attack that killed an American contractor

Taliban council agrees to cease-fire in Afghanistan

Dec 29, 2019

The Taliban say they have agreed to a temporary cease-fire nationwide

Libyan official: Turkish troops unwanted, destabilizing

Dec 28, 2019

The speaker of Libya's parliament says Turkey's willingness to dispatch troops to the north African country is “unacceptable" and that such a move would constitute unwanted meddling in the affairs of a friendly country

Libya's eastern forces seize Turkish-crewed ship

Dec 22, 2019

Libya’s Benghazi-based forces say they have seized a ship with Turkish crew members

Mayor, cemetery at odds in search for Tulsa massacre victims

Dec 21, 2019

Officials say a privately owned cemetery is blocking efforts to find the remains of black Tulsa residents killed nearly 100 years ago in a race riot

US will `curb malign Iranian behavior' if it doesn't stop

Dec 20, 2019

The United States is renewing its offer to engage in talks with Iran

Egyptian officials say policeman, militant killed in Sinai

Dec 8, 2019

Egyptian officials say a militant attack has killed a police conscript in the restive northern part of the Sinai Peninsula

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