Gold in Body Butter Is Becoming More Common Than Ever

Gold has been used in many different applications, but recently, skin-conscious women have found it to be excellent in adding a touch of radiance to the skin.

Los Angeles, United States - January 16, 2018 /MarketersMedia/ —

Recent trends have seen skin care products with added ingredients, some of which are not commonly known (or thought) to have any effect on the skin.

Many brands, such as Dolce and Gabbana, have started to include gold as a trace element in their products. But gold body butter in particular is taking the world by storm.

History of Body Butter and Its Ingredients

For the longest time, the public has been using lotion to keep their skin moisturized. And there's nothing wrong with using lotions at all. But in contrast to the benefits of using body butter, using lotion exclusively to moisturize skin is a disservice to one's skincare. Lotions have the advantage of being accessible and cheap, which means it's still a viable skin care item to maintain. A small bottle can be taken along inside a purse during the day, so it can be used as needed.

Using body butter to establish a good base for skin health provides lots of benefits, which include moisturizing that's unmatched by other skin care products, helps considerably in optimizing the effects of other products. Plant-based ingredients, primarily oils, provide the vitamins and minerals that the skin needs plenty of. Because it's made of oils, body butter has impressive bioavailability, making it a great for moisturizing and hydration.

When Did Gold Become An Ingredient?

Some brands of body butter are produced with added gold powder. It's interesting as it is controversial. It's controversial because initial reactions would be that it's irrelevant and that the manufacturer only added it in to make the product more expensive than it must be. This is understandable because, for the longest time, skincare and gold aren't words that are typically used in the same sentence.

However, it would surprise some people that gold powder is, as a matter of fact, a key ingredient in plenty of high-end skincare products contain gold powder. Like other premium ingredients which seem unusual to have added to a skincare product like truffles and diamonds, gold has its notable merits. It's proven in studies to add vibrancy to the skin, as well as keep it warm and soft amidst being subjected to harsh environments.

Is There A Reliable And Consistent Source?

With gold considered to be a finite resource, it might worry some that there's not enough gold to go around. At least not for something to be applied to the skin on a regular basis. The good news is that Gold Elements has a clear understanding of their market and how much demand they have to comply. With regards to consistency, no reviews about them ever mentioned cancelling orders because of supply shortage.

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