Transnational Enterprises Compete For New Investment Opportunities In Tianfu CBD In China

The intensive signing ceremony of Tianfu CBD (Central Business District) in China and the opening ceremony of comprehensive supporting infrastructure project of Tianfu CBD were held.

June 19, 2019 /PressReleaseAgency/ —

The intensive signing ceremony of Tianfu CBD (Central Business District) in China and the opening ceremony of comprehensive supporting infrastructure project of Tianfu CBD were held, and multiple transnational enterprises and China’s leading enterprises signed contracts for settling down, with the total agreement amount being over USD 16 billion.

On February 11, 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Tianfu New Area, and defined the strategic positioning, guided the development direction and drew a beautiful blueprint for Tianfu New Area. For supporting the construction and development of Tianfu New Area, the local government released the original provincial administrative reserve land, and issued a series of measures, hoping to introduce more transnational enterprises and the world’s top 500 enterprises to build a new generation of world-class urban CBD which can compare favorably with Manhattan CBD and Central Hong Kong.

From the first place, Tianfu New Area positively targeted advancement, studied planning, construction and industry development experience of the CBD in the cities such as New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, and profoundly investigated the spatial evolution, function remolding, industry integration, and transport interchange of the CBD in the world major cities together with the professional institutions such as Tongji University and McKinsey & Co, and the international famous planning experts, in a bid to keep optimizing and improving the urban design and industry planning work of Tianfu CBD.

The planning area of Tianfu CBD is 28.6 square kilometers. In line with the ethos of “dominated by headquarters economy, supported by diversified industries, and integrated with citizen, city, environment and industry”, it aims to construct the CBD facing to the world and to create the future new urban center in Chengdu, where the economic cluster, world expo city, new height of international exchanges and park city demonstration area would be nestled.

The headquarters base is Tianfu CBD engine project, and the planning area is 1.23 square kilometers, according to the development time sequence of “construction would be started within 1 year, modeling would be formed preliminarily within 3 years, and project would be basically completed within 5years”. The Tianfu CBD is striving hard to construct a high-level, ecotypic and international headquarters CBD.

Tianfu New Area is the first land for Park City. On the concept of planning, guided by the idea of ecological civilization, the headquarters base creates a new paradigm of Park City CBD——CBP(Central Business Park).

The headquarters base is equipped with two major international airports, adjacent to Tianfu high-speed railway hub,116 international airlines to reach the world, 40 high-speed rail lines that would help commuters reach Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen in 8 hours, supplemented by city terminal buildings, 15 rail traffic lines and highway system of “southing great channel”, forming the three-dimensional traffic system which would make accessing the world with zero barriers. Depending on the nature, mountain and water, and constructing the park and greenway system according to the ratio of 45% ecological space, Tianfu Park covering an area of 2 square kilometers has a “herringbone” green gallery seeing the mountain forms the natural ecological pattern of “Surrounded by mountains and rivers, and intersected by forest and lake” at its center, and it creates the beautiful city conception of “Push the window to see the field, and open the door to see the green”.

In November 2018, during Sichuan, Hong Kong and Macao activity week, Tianfu CBD made a grand appearance, which caused the extensive attention and won the warm response immediately. Aside from China Merchants Group, China National Power Investment Corporation, China National Building Materials Group, New World, Hutchison Whampoa, and Volkswagen Group, there were more than 50 large groups, transnational enterprises, and professional institutions who participated to show their optimism towards the planning and future development prospect of Tianfu CBD, having expressed the vision of cooperation and the intention to settle down in succession.

This time, a total of around 30 projects were signed in the intensive signing ceremony of headquarters base, with the total agreement amount being over USD 16 billion.

During the interview on 18, the local government officials said that Tianfu CBD is open to the world to sincerely invite the transnational enterprises and industry’s “hidden champions” to set up the comprehensive headquarters such as Midwest headquarters, China headquarters, Asia Pacific headquarters and global headquarters here, as well as the functional headquarters such as R&D and design, financial settlement, and investment planning, to invite the famous brand enterprises in the fields such as high-end business, hotel service and cultural travel to implement and operate a batch of high-quality commercial supporting projects here, and to invite the famous professional institutions such as law office, accounting firm, financial institutions and creative design to establish branches here.

Besides the enterprises who signed on that very day, there are lots of transnational enterprises and world’s top 500 enterprises who have a keen interest in investing in the Tianfu New Area. According to incomplete statistics, there are lots of transnational enterprises such as Capital Land and Development Bank of Singapore of Singapore, New World, Jardine Matheson, Swire and Causeway Bay of Hong Kong China that have already set up headquarters in Tianfu New Area and showed strong interest in participating in the construction of the New Area. In addition, some European and American transnational enterprises already sent their staff for investigation in Tianfu New Area to seek for investment opportunities.

The statistics data of the third party business survey agency show that after China joined WTO, CBD is the first choice and base camp for transnational enterprises settling down in China. As the globalization deepens, CBD plays an increasingly important role in the aspects such as attracting transnational enterprise headquarters, global high-end talents and participating in global resource allocation. Tianfu CBD, located in western China, already became the hot investment place for lots of transnational enterprises and international capitals to speed up the layout, and it is expected that the CBD will be instrumental in efficiently introducing the global capitals, technologies, and talents, and integrating with the world thoroughly.

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